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    I'm up for this for the Sunday 20th and can give someone (+bike) a lift. Cheers. Huw

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    The results are in! And I am pleased to report we have been allocated:

    1 Male team

    Therefore as stated above the Lea Valley Team for this year is (drum roll please)...

    Team 1
    1 Glenn Prime
    2 Mehrdad Safaieh
    3 Jamie Fake
    4 Adam Bishop

    Congratulations fellas!!

    If circumstances have changed and you cannot ride please let me know asap so I can arrange your replacement.

    Commiserations to those who put their name forward and have not got a place. All is not lost however as there are charity places still available and I have reason to believe the Centrepoint Charity is very keen for people to ride for them - official target is £500 sponsorship but this may be negotiable. ;) . Apparently there's 50 places up for grabs. Contact name is r.murray@centrepoint.org.

    Team Information:
    Each rider within the team must pay their own entry fee (£69) and complete their own online entry form; all 4 riders in the team must have completed and paid for their entry by 17:00 28th April or the team will not score in the club challenge.

    I will be sent an entry link for the team Monday 3rd April. I will forward this on directly to each team member via the email provided on the spreadsheet. So please keep an eye on your inbox including spam folders after the 3rd.

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    The draw for the Ride London places was conducted last night at the Church Hall with El Pres in the presence of our very own independent adjudicator (Joe Mumford).
    Based on this year's rule giving priority to the order of names drawn the preliminary teams are:

    Team 1
    1 Glenn Prime
    2 Mehrdad Safaieh
    3 Jamie Fake
    4 Adam Bishop

    Team 2
    5 Karl Bunyan
    6 David Veitch
    7 Tim Holmes
    8 Lee Lavery

    Team 3
    9 Chris pollard
    10 Alex Galloway
    11 Raymond Ummuna
    12 George Kemp

    Team 4
    13 Anders Wahl
    14 Carsten Meilandt
    15 Neil Davies
    16 Alex Sweeting

    The application for teams is expected to open this week (WC 27.02.17) therefore based on the numbers I will apply for all 4 teams (however based on previous this years a maximum of 2 is more likely.

    For those named above if your circumstances have changed and you cannot ride please let me know asap.

    We will be notified of our team places at the end of March.

    Fingers crossed!!

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    I've managed to land a place on the Fred Whitton this year. Just wondering if anyone else got a place? I'm taking the car up so have room for one (+bike).

    Also if anyone has completed a previous edition your top tips would be greatly received!!

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    It's that time of year again folks!
    Ride London is once more offering British Cycling affiliated clubs the opportunity to apply for team entries into this event (Sunday 30th July 2017).

    There is no restriction on how many teams one club can enter but all teams/team members must conform to the following;
    -A team comprises four riders.
    -Every rider in a team must be a current British Cycling member.
    -Teams can comprise four men or four women or a mixed team of two men and two women.
    -Riders who hold an Elite or Category 1 British Cycling Race Licence are not eligible to enter the Club Challenge.
    -Riders who have already secured an individual place through the original entry ballot or a charity place are not eligible to enter the British Cycling Club Challenge.

    The team entries for this will open late February so please express your interest by adding your name and details to the spreadsheet (link below).

    Due to the level of interest from club members for this years team places the method of choosing the teams has been revised. To make it fair the spreadsheet will be open for 2 weeks (closing on 24th Feb 2017). All the names entered on the spreadsheet will then be entered into a ballot and the order of the names drawn (possibly by El Pres) will be given priority.

    A draw for the men and women will be done separately and the best combination that allows the most teams/individuals to participate will be selected.

    Last year the Club was awarded 1 x mens and 1 x ladies so hopefully we can better this. One change to the rules worth noting is unlike previous years no club is guaranteed a place.

    Notification of award is normally received end of March.

    Best of Luck!


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    Heads up...Tour of Cambridgeshire Individual Time Trial entries opens today!

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    An open conversation on sportives. If you are planning on participating in any- post it here..if you have taken part - share your experience.
    Could also use this forum to get initial interest on possible club trips to UK rides and further afield

    Sportives already proposed by members for next year include:
    -Tour of Cambridgeshire (closed roads)
    -Velothon Wales (closed road event)
    -Dragon Ride L'Etape Wales
    -The Etape du Dales
    -Fred Whitton Challenge
    -Etape Eyri

    Plus interest in the sportives held in honour of the Spring Classics

    • Tour of Flanders - a regular event for some members having taken part two years running.
    • Paris Roubaix
    • Liege-Bastogne-Liege

    So if you fancy any of the above or have your own planned, or just want some advice on participating- get in touch!