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Hexagenarian cyclist with a bad back, heart condition and far too big to be a cyclist. Still manage to plod along at 14 - 15mph for anything up 100 miles in a day. Get's harder to loose weight as you get older but continue to persevere yet a Full English is just too irresistible.

The perfect cycling food? Jelly Babies and hard boiled eggs.

Loves - speed; climbing big, tough hills; overtaking cyclists less than half my age; a proper bicycle (Ridgeback Panorama World Tourer); listening to carbon cyclists making comments about the weight of my bicycle irrespective of Newton's Laws of Motion; bullet-proof tyres; proper, leather saddles (Brooks & Spa).

Hates - getting dropped (but it doesn't stop me); days when I can't cycle; finding it hard to keep losing weight.

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    I am doing this ride again with a couple of friends on behalf of a children's charity in Newham named Ambition, Aspire, Achieve founded by Kevin Jenkins OBE.

    The charity has secured four places in the ride and there is one available place; it's free but the charity would like you to raise funds. Ideally the four of us would ride together at around 14mph average speed.

    Don't yet have starting times, etc.

    Please let me have your contact details and, yes, it's first-come-first-served

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    Starting from the London Olympic Velodrome
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