• The draw for the Ride London places was conducted last night at the Church Hall with El Pres in the presence of our very own independent adjudicator (Joe Mumford).
    Based on this year's rule giving priority to the order of names drawn the preliminary teams are:

    Team 1
    1 Glenn Prime
    2 Mehrdad Safaieh
    3 Jamie Fake
    4 Adam Bishop

    Team 2
    5 Karl Bunyan
    6 David Veitch
    7 Tim Holmes
    8 Lee Lavery

    Team 3
    9 Chris pollard
    10 Alex Galloway
    11 Raymond Ummuna
    12 George Kemp

    Team 4
    13 Anders Wahl
    14 Carsten Meilandt
    15 Neil Davies
    16 Alex Sweeting

    The application for teams is expected to open this week (WC 27.02.17) therefore based on the numbers I will apply for all 4 teams (however based on previous this years a maximum of 2 is more likely.

    For those named above if your circumstances have changed and you cannot ride please let me know asap.

    We will be notified of our team places at the end of March.

    Fingers crossed!!


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