• Following some discussion, depending on numbers, we're going to try having two fast groups this Sunday: one going at a training for racing kind of pace (probably 19mph?) and one going moderately fast, but not all-out (probably between 17 and 18mph). This

    is the intended route - if you're planning to join us and you have a Garmin, please download this route and stick it on your device.

    What we will probably try out this week is riding as one bunch on the way up through Chingford and Sewardstone. Then, when we get to the early climb of Mott Street, people can go up that as fast as they want and we'll regroup at the top. We'll pause briefly at the Green Hut in High Beach and set the slower of the fast groups off first, with the faster group setting off again two or three minutes later. From there it's downhill to Theydon Bois, a bit of a climb back out of the village up to the road under the M11, down the other side to Abridge and then up the long draggy climb of Hoe Lane. By this point I expect the faster group will have caught the slower group - if not, we can pause at the top again to regroup. This is about 16.5 miles into the ride - by now people will know if they've chosen the wrong group and can switch between them and we will split up for good. Though, as both groups will be following the same route, if you get dropped from the faster group, you'll probably get swept up by the slower group eventually.

    If you're new to group riding, it's worth having a look at this. Listen out for shouts about cars up ahead or coming from behind, go single file when we have to let things get past, most of the time ride two abreast not overlapping wheels, signal to warn people about parked cars, potholes, slow riders to be overtaken etc. Make sure you've got spares & tools to deal with the most likely mechanical problems (a puncture being the obvious one) - we'll stop for this, but generally speaking the faster groups won't keep stopping for people who get dropped so choose a group that whose pace you can manage. No cafe stop, I'm afraid.

    Leaving from the gates outside Waltham Forest Town Hall at 9:00am - some of us will be in this cafe round the corner from 8.30am. The aim is to back in Walthamstow some time between 12:00 and 12:30.


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