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  • Really annoyingly, I don't have any footage of the second half of the ride and I don't really know why. As I understand it, you don't actually need to turn the Virb on in order to start recording - you just slide the 'record' button forwards and it will turn the device on and start recording (the only advantage of having it on before you slide the button on is that the device starts recording slightly earlier). And I definitely slid the button forwards. I slid it back to temporarily stop recording at The Castle at Woodford when I met Alex, then again when we met his mate at the green hut at High Beach, then again when we got held up at the junction near the roundabout at the top of the forest and then again at Toot Hill when I stopped to wait for the other two. I have no footage after that, but I'm certain I put the button forwards - I even joked to Alex about how I'd probably get home and find I'd been pushing the button in the wrong direction the whole time and so I'd only have footage of the bits where we standing around. But I have clips of the whole ride up to Toot Hill and nothing afterwards. I wondered if I'd not pushed the button far enough forwards, but I've just tried it out and it's actually impossible to do this - the button automatically goes all the way forward and clicks. I've also tried to turn the device off once it's recording and this is equally impossible. So what on earth happened?

    The other possibility is that I did record the second half of the ride, but then accidentally deleted it, but Alex says there is a three-step process to deleting clips so it's very unlikely I could have done this.


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