• Club Huts, North Hall Road, Ugley.
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  • Hi All,
    I thought i would make use of this new site to invite you all to the event on 28/9/13. A 30m TT starting at Club Huts.
    There will be lifts if you need one. Just post and ask on the web site.
    It should be a nice way to almost end the season with our last (but one) TT (25 on the following week)

    I would ask if you are not intending to race, would you kindly marshall on the day (again lifts can be arranged).

    Please remember that we would like all club members to marshall at least one event during the season.


  • I'm marshalling for this one, Mark. Happy to ride up to Stumps or Sawston roundabout. Unless it's raining, obviously, then I'd like to stay inside.

  • I've no experience of marshalling but happy to help out.

    Only caveat is that I need to be back sharpish for a 12.30 accred session at the velodrome - second attempt at the final stage - fingers crossed

  • I would also be happy to help out but also no experience marshalling! No time limit for me but I will probably need a lift...

  • Thanks All,
    Jon can you send me our e mail address so i can send you some details. Martin i think i had yours on Tuesday.
    Jon and Martin. Thanks. Marshaling is fairly straightforward. It will primarily involve standing in a high viz and being very visible to cyclist and directing them in the correct direction of the course. Most marshaling points are at the roundabouts to ensure that the cyclist does not take the wrong exit. You will also have something (flag or another high viz) to warn the cars that a cyclist is ahead, but it is the riders responsibility to stop for traffic in accordance with the Highway Code (rules of the road). In the event of an accident you may need to call an ambulance to assist. The main role is to be seen to ensure the rider and traffic act safely.
    There will be experienced marshals around who will be able to guide and mentor you.
    Thanks Jamie for your help on the day.

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Cresent 30 mile Time Trial 28-9-14 - at the Club Huts Ugley

Posted by Avatar for Mark-F @Mark-F