• Ride London is once more offering British Cycling affiliated clubs the opportunity to apply for team entries into this event (Sunday 31 July 2016)

    There is no restriction on how many teams one club can enter but all teams/team members must conform to the following;
    -A team comprises four riders.
    -Every rider in a team must be a current British Cycling member.
    -Teams can comprise four men or four women or a mixed team of two men and two women.
    -Riders who hold an Elite or Category 1 British Cycling Race Licence are not eligible to enter the Club Challenge.
    -Riders who have already secured an individual place through the original entry ballot or a charity place are not eligible to enter the British Cycling Club Challenge.

    The team entries for this open today and close at 17:00 on Friday 14 March so please express your interest by adding your name and details to the spreadsheet (link below).

    Teams entered will be based on whoever gets on the spreadsheet first, however since we haven’t managed to field a female team for the last 2 years there may be a bit of rearranging if enough ladies show interest.

    Ideally the club would like to enter at least 1 mens, 1 ladies and 1 mixed team.


  • Hi there, I would love to join in after missing out 4 years in a row. However I just got accepted for a charity place but I rather cycle with you guys.
    Is there anyway I can opt out the charity and join in here?

  • You may want to keep both options open for a while yet. We don't know if or how many club entries we will get, it could be all three , it could be none.

  • Anders, I second Eds post. At the moment we are just trying to work out the number of teams we could field based on members interest. The final decision is by RideLondon and BC. Regarding dropping your charity place, it depends how far down the road you are? Have you paid any money etc and registered with RideLondon? In the spirit of the event I would also say that raising money for a good cause makes the ride even more special and also acts as an excellent motivator!!

  • Hi Huw,

    No worries, I have paid the initial £20 registration fee but not started fund raising yet. I would still fund raise for a charity even if I got on a team with you guys.

    In terms of registered, I signed up with the charity and not sure if I'm registered with RideLondon yet.


  • Hi All,
    I too would love to have an opportunity to ride also having missed out on every year so far as a bidder. Mark

  • Did we actually sent anything in :-)?

  • Yes we did.
    I applied for 3x mens, 1xladies, 1xmixed. We should find out on Monday! Fingers crossed!

  • Nice one, well done. Fingers crossed then :-)!

  • wish I'd known about this, too late now, obviously but if you get in and anyone drops out I'm there. Lost out in the draw after 3 successful years so can't really moan I guess.


  • Dave, please add your name to the spreadsheet. If we get all the teams I put forward there will be space. But in saying that its highly unlikely we will get all them... but just in case! :)

  • Update to those waiting on the results with bated breath.
    I have just received an email to say the results have been postponed until the 24th March. Don't know about you but the suspense is killing me...:)

  • The results are in! And I am pleased to report we have been allocated:

    1 Female team
    1 Male team

    Therefore based on the rules of first come first served the teams for this year are:

    Emma Ferguson
    Carolyn Upson
    Jessamy Robinson
    Olivia Smith

    Huw Thomas
    Karl Bunyan
    Tim Holmes
    Rob McCall

    If circumstances have changed and you cannot ride please let me know asap so I can arrange your replacement.

    Commiserations to those who put their name forward and have not got a place. Based on the number of charity emails I am getting there seems to be plenty of charity spots still available. Take a look at the Ridelondon website for details.

    Rider Information:
    Each rider within the team must pay their own entry fee (£58) and complete their own online entry form; all 4 riders in the team must have completed and paid for their entry by 17:00 15 April or the team will not score in the club challenge.

    I will be sent an entry link for both teams on Wednesday 30 March. I will forward this on directly to each team member via the email provided on the spreadsheet. So please keep an eye on your inbox including spam folders after the 30th.

  • Huw, what a great job. Thank you so much for doing this

    Now for the training.

  • Thank you Ed,
    A big thanks also goes to Emma for her rallying of our female members to enable us to field a woman's team for the first time!
    Well done Emma! Thank you!

  • Great news that we got a women's team this year. Disappointed I missed out on the men's but hope you guys all enjoy it and definitely still interested in being a reserve! I may look into the charity option.

  • Thanks Huw for the work. All the best to the two teams. I do hope the weather is good. Mark

  • Just got this email from British Cycling, might be worth to apply as a club as a few people will likely want to ride?

    We have two team slots up for grabs in the in the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100 British Cycling Club Challenge on Sunday 31 July 2016, which we are offering exclusively to our club members living in London.

    How it works
    Applications for your team of four must be received by 11am tomorrow, Tuesday 7 June. We will draw two lucky teams out of the hat, who we will contact before 5pm on the same day.

    To apply for a team please email csmadmin@britishcycling.org.uk with the name of your club and the proposed team. You will need to provide the names of the 4 riders, their British Cycling membership number, date of birth and email address.

    Your team will need to be in one of the following formats

    • Men's Team (4 riders, all male)
    • Women's Team (4 riders, all female)
    • Mixed Team (4 riders, 2 male, 2 female)

    All riders must be current British Cycling members and must be 18 or older on the day of the ride.

    If your club application is successful, each rider within the team must pay their own entry fee (£58) and complete their own online entry form; all four riders in the team must complete and pay for their entry within 48 hours of their place being offered.

    Riders who hold an Elite or 1st Category British Cycling Race Licence are not eligible to enter the Club Challenge.

    Riders who have already secured an individual place through the original entry ballot or a charity place are not eligible to enter the Club Challenge.

    For further details about the event, including course map, rider info and details on how teams will be timed in the challenge, visit the Prudential RideLondon website.

  • Hi Anders

    I just emailed you and messaged on Facebook. As one of the next 4 in line, as it were, do you still want to be put forward for this or are you using your charity place? I'm happy to do the application.


  • Sign me up! ☺

  • Great, now need to chase Carsten and Soren!

  • So Soren, Anders and myself are 'in', but Carsten has a place via another route, so next cab off the rank is Matt Walsh...let me know, Matt, if you see this!

  • OK, so I've applied for a team consisting of the following:

    Soren Hansen
    Adam Bruntlett (me)
    Matt Walsh
    Anders Wahl

    The email says they have two team places and it's open to London-based teams, so no guarantee we'll get in, but I'll let you know once I hear back. It says that if we're successful each rider has to complete the online form and pay within 48 hours so please keep checking this page. I'll also email everyone concerned if we get a place.


  • Well done Adam, thanks for sorting this. I'm on holiday in Wales with limited internet so only just saw this. Here's hoping we get selected!! Fingerscrossed!!!.

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