Bike fitting

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  • Got a full blown bike fit booked in, in a couple of weeks time and wanted to ask what people's experiences were with them?

  • I had mine done with my physio. She's a cyclist and treat triathletes for various injuries.
    I found the fit excellent, she doesn't use any fancy gear apart from her ipad and a software but it was great to get some tips on positioning that really helped.
    And the fact it cost me £65 isn't too bad either.

    Highly recommend a bike fit, specially if you have niggles or injuries.

  • Interesting, was that local?

  • I had mine at Bespoke Cycling by a guy called Ben Hallam. My reason for going was to prevent knee pain (a physio diagnosed ITB issue) after 50miles or so. I specifically chose Ben as he was qualified in Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention. My experience overall was very good. In terms of modifications to my bike the changes were minimal (saddle height up and forward a few millimetres). The biggest improvement was the guidance he gave to my pedalling technique (I wasn't firing up the glutes enough apparently :)), he also provided stretching and strengthen exercises that would help. Since the fit I have been pain free so it was £200 well spent in my eyes. The price is high though and I was fortunate not to have to make any major mods to the bike through new parts like saddle, stem, handlebars etc.

  • Good to hear a few varied experiences, both seemingly good!

    I'm booked in a Swift Cycles in Spitalfields as I hear they have a good track record (And had a winter discount deal on ;) )

  • Charlie, Simon McCann had a bike fit with Swift. Not sure if he uses this forum. He's on Strava though so you could contact him and find out how his went etc.

  • Yeah sort of, Liverpool Street. Let me know if you need details and I can send them over

  • Anders, yes I am most interested

  • Edward, here is the website:
    Her name is Nichola Roberts and is really good. Give her a call, she will be able to help.

  • I had a Bike fit at Swift Cycles on Saturday with a guy called Jorrit. Very good, found out my saddle bag clip was stopping me having the saddle in the right position so had to ditch it. Also saddle was about 5mm too low which was causing a my right leg to move outwards on the upwards peddle stroke. Finally bars were too flat causing wrist issues. Will be able to tell after some more miles but feels better already. If there are any problems I can go back for another hour session for no additional cost.

  • Mine went well too. Very insightful and good to have the data to take away for transferring on other bikes.

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Bike fitting

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