Club Kite Redesign January 2016.

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  • I am trying to organise times when you can go and try stuff on for size it looks like tuesday and wednesday 10-4


    Milltag Cycling Ltd.
    Unit 2.20
    Grand Union Studios
    332 Ladbroke Grove
    W10 5AH

  • Following on from Barnaby's email, if you all want to go together, organise this amongst yourselves, then e-mail ( or call Milltag to let them know when you'll be coming in.

  • Jamie, could you send this out on Facebook too?

  • Will there be any club stock of the bits and pieces (caps/gloves/musettes/etc) ?

  • I believe there will only be overs of musettes from your list Jon.

  • Several people asking about sizing (as the Milltag size guide seems to give contradictory advice). Charlie has posted this:
    "More info on kit ordering:
    Ed from Milltag has offered to open up the shop to let people try on garments should you wish to work out the sizing that way. This will be on Tuesday 8th March from 10am - 4pm (Can stay open a bit later if you need).
    With this in mind, we may well extend the ordering window to a bit later in the week.
    If you all want to go together, please organise this amongst yourselves and then Carsten will e-mail or call Milltag to let them know when you'll be coming in.

  • Do we know if the sizing comes up very small or normal?
    I can't make it on Tuesday so will have to hope for the best.

  • Is there anyway for Milltag to provide some samples for us to try out, they must have some spare kit (doesn't need to be our design) that they can lend us. I won't be able to visit their shop due to work and the sizing charts are confusing. Its a lot of money to spend to simply hope for the best.

  • Huw - get in touch with Emma. She contacted me on Friday night and said she was hoping to be able to sort this out on Mon or Tues, don't know if that's still the case.

  • From Emma:

    Yes, samples of kit available at the Church Hall this evening. Safest to say from 8pm as it's a team relay to get them to St Gabriel's! Not all sizes of everything and probably no arm warmers and only 2 skinsuits (form an orderly queue please!) See you later or let me know if you can't make it...

  • Can't make it, but is it possible if someone who can make it measure the lengths of the jerseys? Front and back would be very helpful.

  • Was someone there last night and checked the clothes? Any feedback?

  • Hi Anders. I don't know if anyone was able to measure anything. I'd echo what was said before: if you go
    for a race pro top, get a size bigger than you would for a normal club top.

  • Using Milltag's own Sizing Chart on their website, my Pro Jersey is two sizes above my normal L size, based on their Chest measurement.

  • Taken a punt and gone for Large in the Pro Jersey and Medium in everything else. My race-cut old-style LVCC jersey is a medium so I think that should be right...

  • I had a email from Ed @ Milltag saying they can adjust the length of the jersey should you wish to.
    I emailed them as I need a long one and he said it's adjustable.
    Might be worth contacting him if you're unsure.

  • Does anyone know when we should be expecting our orders to arrive?

  • Looks like it might be in the 2nd week of May.

    Emma is organising a collection night at the Church Hall. Watch out for further details.

  • Hi all. i emailed Ed at Milltag a couple of weeks ago about delivery and unless you selected a separate delivery and paid £10 extra, it will be delivered to the club. He said the kit was expected to be ready in May.

  • Adam, I think I paid £5 p&p for it to be deliverd to my address. Well, I thought that's what I was paying for?

  • Maybe that's it then! Depends how much stuff you bought I guess...I got a bit carried away so I can understand it might be £10 for me and £5 for a smaller order. I emailed Ed at Milltag to clarify when and where it was being delivered and as I didn't pay anything for P&P it will be going to the club. He said I could pay £10 for delivery to my house but as I had already spent £200+ I decided not to make it any worse...!

  • Hmmm..I also got carried away and spent a small fortune. So much so £5 delivery was quite a good deal. Think I'll email Ed on Tuesday to get a better idea. Will update if anything interesting comes out of it.

  • Did you get round to emailing Ed, Huw?

  • No, but Emma is investigating the payments made by members for home delivery as it turns out all kit is going to the club anyway.

  • John El Pres;

    Sizes are so important. Could I suggest that as many of you as possible get
    to the clubroom this coming Mon 16th May 8-00 pm onwards. That way exchanges may be possible between members, also the club has ordered club jerseys in different sizes so exchange is pos'. Opinions between members is also good. I look forward to seeing you there. John.
    a few different sizes.

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Club Kite Redesign January 2016.

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