Club Kite Redesign January 2016.

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  • It's happening.

    As agreed at the AGM in December the club kit is to be redesigned. Charlie and Barnaby have worked up some designs for a new jersey based on the current design and the club's heritage.

    The designs will , I hope , be uploaded here shorly. Let us know what you think of them and what you want from a club jersey.

    The committee will , based on your views, make a decision about the new design in the first week of February.

    We also need to find a supplier, work out it's cost and hopefully move
    to online ordering...

    So let us know what you think.

  • The PDF of the presentation should be attached below..

  • Is it wise to redesign the club kite at the same time as the club kit?

  • We have agreed a new design for the Kite....

  • Nice

  • Thanks to all the members who took part in the club kit survey – we had a great response with some interesting results... Ta Dah! We're delighted to share the new LVCC Kit with you here...

    We'll be working with (Milltag - Victorian slang for shirt) to produce the kit. Milltag are a London based Custom Kit Supplier – check out their site for more background information. We hope to be delivering kit in about 6 weeks (production tests pending). You will be able to order and pay online when the kit page opens. NB! The kit page will be open for a LIMITED TIME only so please take note of dates etc when we notify you that the kit page is open. You will be notified via email!
    Finally the club would like to thank Barnaby and Charlie for all their hard work in creating a Kit that the club are extremely proud of -it's been a lengthy process with some long nights!
    If you have any questions about the kit please email Emma via
    Thank You!

  • here it is:

  • here it is:

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    • LVCC-kit-presentation_web.jpg
  • This looks great!

  • Really nice work! Excited to test it! Is it possible to try the sizes before buying or how are we doing it :-)?

  • Yeah, good question. If we can't try anything on, do they have a reliable size guide?

  • We are in the knowledge that their sizes and chart are reliable.

    Ed at Milltag said that they have a few items in their main offices which you are welcome to try out if you are worried about sizing. They are based in London. When the kit page goes up, there will be info on each item and sizing.

  • Club Kit available to order now! Get your order in by the 8th March deadline. All club members should have received an e-mail with the relevant link in it. Any questions - put them here for Charlie or Barnaby to try to answer (or forward to Milltag).

  • Or Emma (sorry, just re-read the e-mail!)

  • Hi guys, what's the process should it not fit? Can we return for another size?

  • Looks great cheers for all your efforts guys. Quick question, have the leg warmers been ditched?

  • Hi Anders - The club is looking to purchase a few of each size of the jerseys and bibs so there should be an opportunity to swap out sizes of those. However, any other item won't have that option.

  • Huw - No problem! Really excited to get everyone wearing the new kit.

    We decided to keep those at bay till the winter kit window opens just to keep the number of items down. At this point in time, the plan is to get the winter kit delivered for September.

  • Ok great, was thinking to get the Jersey anyway.

  • Charlie - good call.

  • Is the delivery done to individuals or one big delivery to the club? If the latter, are all the products labelled for the person who has ordered and paid for them or does somebody have to sort through everything and cross reference with a list?

  • Button top right pick up from club can be changed to deliver to address. Otherwise I presume everything will be bagged up. Can check. May as well get it sent to you though. Haven't been through whole process yet

  • if you have not done individual delivery then it is one big consignment to club not individually packed

  • OK so if you have not done send to individual it is sent as one big consignment to club and will need cross checking with your order

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Club Kite Redesign January 2016.

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