• At the end of last year I went through a load of our local climbs and saw which of us had got the best times up them (see here and here ). I suggested we had a competition this year. I was hoping to find a way of getting a scoring system and tables that automatically update, but that proved impossible.
    So what I've done (albeit nine months into the season!) is narrow the climbs down to a cluster of the more difficult ones that are nearly all in Epping Forest (apart from Banks Lane, but we ride that regularly) and then set a 'standard' time for the climb. The idea is that this is a reasonably fast, but not crazily fast, time to do the climb in. Anyone who beats it gets points (or seconds) for the amount of time they go 'under par'. If you haven't climbed it at all, or if you've climbed it too slowly, you get no points.
    The winner will be the person who has got the most points (or seconds) when you add it up across the seven climbs.
    At the moment that's me, but that's partly because some 'rivals' haven't scored points on all of the climbs yet. We've still got the best part of three months for people to set some times and change the scoreboard.
    Here are the details:
    Let me know if you think you should be on it and your name's not there.

  • I need to go and do some climbing - haven't even ridden most of these this year!

  • I've updated this - there have been some good times by Carsten and Harry recently and today David Veitch smashed it up Banks Lane with a brilliant time. It's getting much closer at the top.

  • 2014 LVCC Strava Championships - The Final Countdown...

    Ten of us managed to set at least one time 'below par' in 2014 on the seven designated climbs. Tim Holmes and David Veitch managed four each, Alex Sweeting got five, and me, Harry Sewell, Carsten Meilandt and Barnaby Barford posted times for all seven.

    Unsurprisingly, the 2014 Strava KOM for LVCC on the Mott Street segment was Carsten, with his phenomenal ride in the club hill climb in November, with the silver medal going to David V on the same day (reverse order to the official prizes as Strava knows nothing about missed start times).

    Harry takes the year's KOM for Lippitts Hill by just one second from me and Carsten. I've got the KOM for Daws Hill with David V being the only other rider to get under two minutes. Wellington Hill was very close-fought: joint holders of the 2014 KOM are Carsten and Alex, but Harry and me are in joint 3rd place just one second behind.

    I took the real-life Strava KOM on Claypit Hill (only to have the famed 100-climbs bloke nick it from me by one second) and obviously set the fastest LVCC time in the process. Pedro Lopes was second fastest and would have done much better in this competition if he used strava more often. Meanwhile David Veitch was miles clear of everyone on Banks Lane, beating Carsten by a staggering 23 seconds. And finally Carsten took his third KOM with Avey Lane, with me and Harry not far behind in second and third.

    So the final rankings: in 5th place is Mr Consistency, Barnaby Barford. In 4th place is David Veitch, who would surely have come much higher if he'd set times on all seven of the climbs. In 3rd place is Harry Sewell, cut down in his prime by fatherhood. And Carsten takes 2nd place just 7 seconds behind me. There is no official club silverware for my monumental achievement and this announcement has come too late for me to appear in the New Year's Honours List, but I expect to be immortalised with a statue in Lloyd Park in the near future.

    Full details on the spreadsheet here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1­wgvGFBNhJmUqOAQdtkKqyN8AV80haYr852OC6dGl­xQc/edit#gid=0

    Here's to 2015 - let's make sure your all of bag all seven this time

  • Had a free morning waiting on builder so thought I'd do something constructive.

    Lea Valley CC Strava Championships 2015

    It's completely automated so no work required to update (other than hitting refresh). Anyone can add/test new hills. The 7 default hills are locked in and can be reset if required.

  • Fantastic! Thanks very much

  • How easy would it be to do an all-time one as well as a 2015 one?

  • Simple enough. It's been updated with a few date ranges.

  • I see you've added tables where we can compare everyone's speed / cadence / heart rate over each part of the climb - nice! Very interesting to see that on the steep sections I've always got a notably lower cadence than everyone else - while everyone else is spinning I'm grinding.

  • Will try to get a video of each of the climbs (in the unlikely event there's someone who doesn't know them and wants to do this). First up, Mott Street: https://youtu.be/mEAUnwfrJGg

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The (Unofficial) 2014 Lea Valley CC Strava Championships

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